Bailey: 3 Months

Here we are… 1 week past your 3 Month Birthday… I promise I will try harder next time 🙂

– You’ve been laughing and talking A LOT… Social Butterfly. And a flirt too… Batting your eyes at me. I love to hear your voice. You love to smack your lips also.
– You love to lay on your play mat and have started to roll on your side! You’ve always favored your right… you like sleeping that way too.
– We are no longer in 0-3 month clothing by a long shot and you’re mainly in 3/3-6month and even the other day I put you in a 6 MONTH onesie and it FIT. WHAT!!!?
– You’ve had a few naps in your crib here and there and you soothe yourself fairly well. White noise is a friend. You still take naps in the swing too … and really just anywhere you can. But, they aren’t very long. Your best naps are in the carseat/car.
– Since 6 weeks old you have kept VERY consistent with your schedule. You still wake up at 6/630am for your first feeding and you last 3+ hours throughout the day with your last feeding around 7/8pm and then you go to bed! All you need is your swaddle and paci and you put yourself to sleep! Amazing. I don’t know what will happen after we can’t have your swaddle anymore.
– You are super ticklish – mostly under the chin and in your collar bone. Your laugh is my favorite.

More on Brother being a big brother – he LOVES to help with you. When you cry, he puts in your paci… and he keeps wanting to hold you but then gets scared when he does and it’s almost like he’s saying uhhhh nevermind mom… I only thought that would be a good idea.

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