Bailey: 2 Months

– You’ve been starting to laugh and give HUGE grins. You giggle when you get tickled and it’s so cute… but I think it slightly annoys you. I don’t like being tickled either.
– You are wearing mostly 0-3/3 month and some 3-6 month clothing!!! You are too long for lots of things! You’re growing to fast for me!
– You cry when you’re hungry and tired – and lately you’ve been crying because you just want someone to pick you up and talk to you. You are a TALKER for sure. Coos and all kinds of Baby talk… my fav. You especially love being talked to when you get changed.
– You started sleeping through the night at 6 weeks old – GIRL! You’re amazing. You usually eat around 7:30-8:30p and fall asleep between 9-10 and don’t wake up to eat again until 6am! Momma thanks you SO much. You sleep lots during the day too… now we need to get our naps in a routine.
– You love holding our hand (finger) and although we don’t get much tummy time… the time you do get on your play gym – you love the toys!
– You have already helped me cook dinner, make the bed, and even edited some photos!!
– As long as the car is moving… You are a happy traveler. We don’t prefer red lights around here ☺️
– You’ve been to the Lake and to see lots of family this past month as well.
– You get your shots this week – which means tears BUT lots of cuddles to come – and we get to see how much you’ve grown!

Your brother loves you SO much and has really taken to you this last month. He gives you kisses all day. Mostly on his own and almost every time we ask. He calls you “Baby sister” “Sister” and the occasional “Bailey”! He “rocks” you and brings you your paci and blanket when he hears you cry and he always tells you “It’s ok baby sister!”. He really helped mom today with your 2 month photo session 😉 You think he’s pretty funny as well.

Happy 2 Months Bailey Girl!

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