Logan: 10 Months

Oh Logan – Double Digit Months? I’m not ready for this. This last month I’ve seen more of your personality than ever. I know it will keep changing and developing and while I’m excited for the change, I’m also terrified. I’m sad you’re growing… and I’m happy all at the same time. Being a Momma is confusing.

– You are everywhere now bud… and into everything you shouldn’t be. I know it’ll only change and develop as you get FASTER – but anytime you get something in your sight you want, there’s no stopping you. Playing “Monkey Bars” on the bar stools and Dog Bowls included 🙂 You love to race ahead of us and have us chase you. I will never tired of the giggles when we catch you.
– You are STILL working on your two top teeth but I see them and they are SO close to pushing through. I know it hurts 🙁
– You are SUCH a good eater… you will try anything but you still have your favorites. Chicken and Turkey are new favs and you LOVE Spaghetti too. You share in my love of Italian 🙂 and Daddy’s too. You also tried pickles and a lime haha – the lime was funny but you LOVED the pickle.
– You say Momma off and on – although not consistent. First official word – “Momma” said on 7/22. You say “dadadada” and you started “hissing” like a snake recently. You think it’s funny. You also clap and sometimes sign “more” against your mouth, but not consistently just yet.
– You went to the BEACH!!! You LOVED the beach and playing in the sand – even if you were confused why you couldn’t grab it and hold it.
– Momma turned 30 (eek!) and you helped Daddy throw a great surprise party 😉
Boxes and Lids are new favorite toys. I’ve also noticed that you are a detail man. Any “little” thing you concentrate on… like the Nike check on my shorts or a string hanging off a blanket. Future Photographer? Or Future Engineer? 🙂
– You’re pulling up a lot on things that are low… but still need assistance to help stand and pull up on higher things. But, you love to stand. And our new favorite thing – Dance parties…
– We pulled a lot of “band-aids” this week… Lowered your mattress in your crib, New Big Boy car seat, and new nursery class.
– It may be time to cut your hair – and I’m not ready to. Maybe yet another “band-aid” for mommy to pull.
– I’m already starting to think about your FIRST BIRTHDAY and – I’m not ready for that either.

Below is your… alright alright alright Mom! I’m DONE!!!!

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