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Christine & Hunter are MARRIED, and from the looks of your Facebook pages – you guys look to be having a pretty fantastic honeymoon as well!

Their wedding was simply gorgeous. Lakeside Country Club is an amazing venue and everything worked together perfectly. So excited to work with them. The sun was out and the weather was perfect, the flowers from Senterpiece Flowers worked perfectly with her blush/pink color palette.

I have to give a HUGE shoutout to Janeane Marie Photography for their amazing help in this wedding. I brought her on as an Associate Photographer to help in this momma’s first wedding back so many many images you see here are actually hers. This momma/photographer couldn’t have done it without her!

Ceremony: Holy Spirit Episcopal Church | Reception: Lakeside Country Club | Florist: Senterpiece | DJ: PB & DJ Productions
Dress: David’s Bridal | Bridesmaids Dresses: David’s Bridal

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The beautiful Christine is a married lady!

Lakeside Country Club was the PERFECT backdrop. Perfect light and even on a windy day, perfect veil placement. So fun.


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ONE month? This post would’ve come earlier in the day but we haven’t been feeling great and that makes me so sad. I wished your tummy felt better. Mommy is trying to narrow down if it’s something she ate or if we’re dealing with reflux or something else! I wished you could tell us.

At one month…

– You’ve been smiling lots and it’s the cutest thing. Coos are sometimes involved and that just makes it even better. You LOVE being talked to.
– You are still in *some* Newborn clothing and we’ve moved to size 1 diapers – mostly because we ran out of newborns…
– You LOVE your room and mostly the changing table lately.
– You’ve given us some good 4+ hour stretches of sleep at night, last night you slept 5.5 hours straight… whoa I will take some more of that!
– You haven’t QUITE taken to your baths just yet. You fuss most times but tonight you did well… I think it made your tummy feel better.
– The swing and rock’n play are some favs around here. Swaddling and white noise are magic.
– We’re trying to figure out who you look like… and if you might possibly have curly hair – it’s mostly in the back right now when it does curl – we shall see!?
– We usually snuggle after your last overnight feeding until brother comes and wakes us up.

Speaking of brother – he’s warming up to you… I put him in the car first the other day and he was so worried we were leaving you inside. He also has been kissing you “nigh nigh” the past couple days both at night and at nap time… the best ever.

We can’t wait to see what this next month holds! Don’t grow up too quick ok 🙂

Happy 1 Month Sweetheart!!

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Bailey Jean Melton | 2.16.16 | 11:50am | 7 lbs. 1 oz | 20″

Well, better late than never. I tried to get these done and up before she turned a month and I succeeded by 1 day. One Month post and pics to come tomorrow. I also just posted my last bump post… a little late on that one 😉

Bailey you are 4 weeks old today and 1 whole month tomorrow. What. in. the. world.

These were taken when you were 7 days old – one whole week… my my how time flies. I had so much fun playing dress up. Momma could get used to these cute little headbands.

We love you sweetheart. So much.

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Last and final bump post… you’ll be 1 month old tomorrow sweet girl.

*we missed a 33 week photo because of Christmas celebrations!!*

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