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I don’t understand. Whatsoever. How is it that in 1 month you will have been here for half a year!? It’s craziness I say. Slow down please sweet girl!!

– You lovvvvee to hear yourself talk. Squeal. All sorts of things.
– You have started to grab toys. Mommy’s hand is a fun chew toy. Although no teeth yet.
– You have been rolling back to front and front to back for a month plus now. You’re a pro. You’ve even started to push your feet on the ground (frog-like)… Propel yourself forward on top of your arms and then move your arms, and repeat. No ma’am slow down. Last month the Dr. said you’d probably be an early crawler. Momma is not ready!
– Mostly 3-6mo clothes and some 6 month clothes… youre so long though that 6 month length works but it still is so big on you.
– You’re napping fairly well in your crib. You give a fight but after a couple times of coming to put your paci in, you give in.
– You love to sit in the Bumbo. But watch out because you spit up a ton each time. The other day you got so tired and fell asleep sitting up in it. Momma felt so bad but it was so pitiful to see you so tired!
– You LOVE Your teether elephant (KiKi)… nom nom nom… you also love your toys that shake and make noise. You just recently started playing (and chewing) with your rubber blocks.
– You found your feet over this last month and rock side to side holding them.
– You love to smack your lips and LOVE watching people eat. I don’t blame you, food is good. May need to start solids sooner than brother did. We will probably visit that this end of month/early next month. Already!?!
– White Noise (Rain) is still a fave at night. As is getting up a few times. We’re gonna try and stop that soon right?
– Bath time is getting more fun – and you have started to LOVE to splash… you had your FIRST swim the other week and I think you just love the water. You also love the outdoors and easily fall asleep outside.

By the way. Logan absolutely adores you. Shhh… Don’t tell him I said that 😉

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My cousin… and my new cousin 😉 This couple. I love them both so much.

This wedding was one that I was so so excited for. I’m excited for all my weddings – but this one was extra special in that it was my cousin. My family. And we had LOTS of fun!

I absolutely loved everything Kaitlyn and my Aunt envisioned for this wedding. Everything was flawless and there was so much joy surrounding this day. Both sides so overjoyed for Kaitlyn & Jonathan… as was I.

I promised her a sneak peek before she made it back from their honeymoon. Kait – I think I succeeded !!! Love you!

Venue: Gabriel Springs Event Center | Florist: Julie Anderson – Friend | Catering: Green Mesquite BBQ
Cake: Falon’s Cakes | Dress: Cloud 9 Bridal | Bridesmaids Dresses: Cloud 9 Bridal

Wedding Coordinator: A Bunch of Weddings | Hair: Salon Me – Cindy | Makeup: Beauty by Shannon Nicole

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Kaitlyn & Jonathan are married!!!! And their wedding post is coming very soon – like, look back later today!

Kait – you’re gorgeous – this day, wedding day, and always.

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This sweet family. Gosh, they just are amazing. I loved them from the beginning… I was actually able to create and design their wedding invitations, Erica’s Photography Logo, as well as photograph their maternity session. I was so excited to finally meet sweet Adalee – such a sweetheart this one!

Thank you so much Matt and Erica for inviting me into your home and capturing the brand new addition to your family. Her room is adorable and you are just amazing clients. Enjoy this time and soak it all up!

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– You are still talking away – you love to laugh. Peek-a-boo is a new favorite!
– You’re of course still wobbly sitting up but you LOVE it!
– You ROLLED OVER!!! Both Back to Tummy (1st) and Tummy to Back! – You’re rolling both all the time now and are SO strong getting up on your elbows. Just crazy. You rolled over Memorial Day week and have been for some time now. You don’t stay on your back very  long anymore.
– You are wearing mostly 3-6month clothing, and even 6 MONTHS!
– We’ve been trying naps here and there in your room. The swing still soothes you to sleep so perfectly though – I’ll be sad when we say bye to that.
– In talking about sleep… you moved to your crib this week! I was delaying that because, honestly we weren’t having any issues you sleeping in the same room. You slept through the night from 6 weeks on… Well, the crib hasn’t been TERRIBLE terrible… but it hasn’t been the greatest. Because you’re rolling over I decided to try the Halo Sleepsack, arms out, instead of your normal swaddle sack. Jury is still out on that decision because you started waking up 2 times at night before your morning feed. Uh, oh. I may try your normal swaddle just with one arm out and see how we do. Gradual.
– I don’t know if we’re on some kind of growth spurt – I believe so! – but you have been a little Miss Fussy-Pants lately. Teeth? Growing? Combo? Poor girl.
– You are little miss flirt and LOVE to smile. And I love it too!
– You think Brother is oh so funny… he is super into dinosaurs right now so he tries to play dinosaurs with you. He also thinks you’re pretty funny too. He is always saying “I like sister mommy” – me too bud, me too.

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