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Lets just say 2 year olds can be difficult… I’m sure MANY of you did not know that (HA!)… but… he ran around yelling “ORANGE” and did not let mom take pics. That’s ok… I got a few that will do. He’s finally learning it’s a Pumpkin and not an orange… but, still cute none the less.

Since he was Where’s Waldo last year, I felt that I needed to keep the fun going and make another fun costume. He just love love loves Curious George so… The Man in the Yellow Hat it is. Except, he kept throwing George and his Hat on the ground. Again… 2 years old 🙂 haha!

I bleached the jeans and then dyed a white shirt and those jeans yellow. Super easy to do. We bought the yellow tie on Amazon and I added black fabric paint circles just like The Man in the Yellow Hat (WHICH DID YOU KNOW HE HAS A NAME – it’s Ted… just so you know). The Hat, that was much more of a task… and he didn’t even wear it. Sigh. TWO! 🙂

Happy Halloween!

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Lauren & Pat are married!!! I can finally show off her Bridals. Look at how STUNNING Miss Lauren is. I mean… she is just glowing in her bridals.

Their wedding was one for the records… Hurricane Patricia just did not let up. That did not stop all the partying though and I can’t wait to show you more of their day. Thank you for braving the rain on not only your Bridal portraits – but your wedding.

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This sweet family… From their engagements… to Heather’s Bridals and now their FAMILY photos. I love this season of life. All my wonderful clients and their new families. Perfection. So honored.

Thank you Heather & Clay (AND Miss Claire!!) for meeting up with me last weekend. I know baby girl wasn’t feeling 100% but I just love this sweet little series of you 3. She is precious! (plus crying babies can be oh so cute too!)

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Well, we are just flying by this pregnancy… and I’m anxiously awaiting next week. BOY or GIRL!?? We find out on Monday!

Logan is no longer interested in taking photos with Momma and Baby – maybe he’ll warm up again soon.

AND LOOK at this comparison with Logan and Baby 2 – not much difference so far!

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