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This sweet family is a part of our Life Bible Study at Church… we were so blessed by Liz & Brandon when Logan came and I finally got to meet their new precious girl this past weekend.

Miss Olivia was 7 days old when we took these. So sweet.

Daddy’s guitar case

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Logan Wesley Melton, are you really already 2 months old?

You’ve changed so much just in this last month (and in this last week or so!)

- You’ve been starting to laugh and give HUGE grins when Momma and Daddy tickle your chin… I can’t wait to hear it more :)
- You are now officially out of newborn clothes, with the exception of some outfits – but most of them Momma had to put away :( you’re growing to fast for me!
- You still LOVE your room and HATE to be dirty…
- You officially started sleeping through the night (although not EVERY night – lets work on that ok!? Deal!)
- You aren’t a terrific napper always, the longest I can get from you is about 45 minutes so let’s work on that too ok!?
- You love when we play with your hair and I officially found a way to calm you down when you can’t get yourself to sleep…
- You have started to LOVE laying flat on your back so we can play with you… and we are getting strong during Tummy Time. You have also learned to grab and pull on our fingers and we’ve been helping you sit this last week and you think it’s the funniest thing…
- I still love this crazy hair of yours… it’s grown so much since last month…
- You love when Momma wears you in your wrap, you’ll fall asleep so quickly and you have already helped mom cook dinner, decorate the tree, and even edit some photo sessions!!

We loved celebrating Thanksgiving with you and can’t wait til your first Christmas!

I know you will think this often when you’re older, but … this look says  “Mom… you’re crazy…”

Sort of got a smirk out of you ;)

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Jen contacted me earlier this fall about doing an Anniversary/Christmas photo shoot. They are originally both from Kansas, both went to KState… and knew each other prior to moving down to Houston . They moved separately, but somehow they reconnected and the rest… is history… They celebrated their ONE year anniversary this summer and wanted to commemorate it by going to some places near their first place.

I was happy to oblige and had a great time in an around their apartment and at the Buffalo Bayou Park.

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I love shooting at new places… and the Bridgeland Community Neighborhood in Cypress was amazing… I mean, it looked like a resort or something. I met Tara & Jeremy at this neighborhood and there were many wives coming out of the welcome center saying “but honey, they only have a few lots left!?” I guess me and Derik should’ve looked here for a house?? ;)

But seriously, the neighborhood was beautiful and Tara & Jeremy were the perfect models against this backdrop.

Thanks so much for walking all over creation with me and introducing me to a new place you guys! April will be here before you know it!

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I met up with Danielle & Joe this past weekend for their engagement session. Danielle told me that since they were getting married in Seattle this next Summer that she wanted a “Texas” feel to their photos. She wanted fields. And so…, I went scouting. Houston isn’t necessarily known for their sprawling landscapes. BUT I found some great locations and just told them they had to trust me… I mean, one of the locations was literally right next to an AutoZone ;)

I’m so glad they trusted me and I think some of those are my favorite ones from our session.

Danielle & Joe – congratulations! I’m pretty sure your wedding in Seattle will be amazing… I had fun! And… thanks for trusting me :)

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