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12 Months. 1 Year. 365 days. You.

You and I woke up this morning in our usual way… but this morning I held you a little longer. We snuggled, and you let me (which does not always happen). I sang “Happy Birthday” to you in the quiet of your room and thought about this year. 10:42am on this very day last year was the scariest and most wonderful experience of my life thus far. All I could think about was seeing you. I was scared for you and so relieved when you were ok.

We may have had a big party yesterday… and we may have opened up a bunch of gifts for you. But, God has granted us the greatest gift of all, You. You have brought more joy than we could have ever known. Our cups are full. I can’t believe you are ONE. We give God thanks and we hope you come to know Jesus and love Him with all your heart.

We love you Bubba.

– Today’s pictures are the HARDEST yet… As Dada said “Laying down is for babies Mom, I’m 1 Duh!” and I think that’s exactly how you feel. You are moving and doing. And while I don’t think we’ll be implementing the letters in your photos – or doing the normal “monthly photos” – I hope I can take a photo each month to see how you’ve grown. Down below… you will see how the year went…
– You are still cruising like a mad man, no walking yet and I think I’m ok with that. The less mobile you are – the better… for now ;) We will occasionally see you stand solo for a split second. I’m thinking you’ll walk at 14 months + … we shall see.
– We had a big tummy bug this month, and that was not so much fun. Hate when you’re sick.
– We found out you LOVE music and you’ve actually started dancing a little. SO cute! You absolutely love the tambourine and maraca at “school” so we just had to get you a music set for at home… and as of yesterday’s party – you have drums!
– You got to have a special tour at NASA! So exciting… and Pops was most excited of all. We did lose Kermit 1 while there… I said he went to the Moon. BUT our Friend Faith found him!!!! He has since been replaced and Kermit 1 has gone into retirement. And… soon enough you’ll use your BIG Kermit (lovie) that you got from your party… hopefully he’ll be replacing your paci Kermit. Or at least that’s the plan. We shall see :)
– We’ve been trying to sleep train again to get you to sleep through the mornings. It’s been (somewhat) successful, but now you like waking up at 6:30a… Momma would prefer just a little more sleep – even just 7am. Let’s see what we can do ;)
– You got your second haircut for your birthday… your hair grows like crazy. You look like such a little boy now… my heart aches.
– You have been loving Mother’s Day Out – and so has Momma. It gives me a chance to get things done and you get to make friends and PLAY!
– You still only say “Momma” and “Dada”… and you can clap of course… but now you can give high 5’s!!!
– As for your birthday party… you did SO well. We did get a bit overwhelmed at the end of presents and the cake wasn’t necessarily amazing to you either. I think you hated being dirty and kept trying to get the icing off your hands. BUT we had an amazing time with friends and family. It’s your party, you can cry if you want to. You crashed after cake… tired boy. But, I wouldn’t have changed anything :)
– We’re going to take some more birthday photos today – I hope you cooperate ;)



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Im in denial. 11 months… ELEVEN… 1 month til 12 months… aka – ONE YEAR OLD!

Nope. Not possible. I’m not ready. But, it’s going to come. You growing up is inevitable.

– You are CRAZY busy now… you have your days (many sometimes) where you just need me… and I’m trying to embrace that. Today has been one of those days. So, I just stopped to realize just how “not little” you are anymore. You’re growing and moving and THINKING :) I’ll hold you a little longer.
– Speaking of Crazy – you are pulling up with EASE and cruising like a champ. I don’t know if you’ll walk within this next month before your birthday, but you want to. You do not want to sit still. Hence some of these photos.
– You’ve never really been a “copy-cat” with us but you have started a little here and there. Fun things are “popping” your lips and laughing when we laugh. You also have learned, whether by accident or not (mostly by accident… I think?), that your paci doesn’t always stay in the crib… Does it fall or do you make it drop? This means you get Daddy or I to come get it for you! We need a solution.
– I think you’re working on more teeth? Momma can’t always tell.
– You helped celebrate Daddy’s birthday at Top Golf and you were worn out… me and you had to make an early exit ;)
– You went to your FIRST Baseball game and still LOVE being outside.
– You sometimes fall asleep sitting up…
– You now know what “NO” means… especially playing with Toby and Lany’s bones (yes – still)… I’ll say “NO Sir” and you throw the bone and crawl to me laughing… you know little boy… you know.
– “Band-Aid” for this month – MOMMA CUT YOUR HAIR! You did so great (and so did Mom) and your little haircut was so cute. I’m pretty sure it’ll be time for another one soon – your hair grows like crazy.
– You also started Mother’s Day Out. Momma is in a Bible Study on Tuesdays while you play with friends… but your real big day is Thursday where you play with friends almost the whole day! So far it’s been an ok start… you’re a sweet boy in class… but I think you miss me :(

HOW are you already almost one?

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We first met Lauren & Chad at our church… and what’s funny is that Derik and Chad actually met at Texas Tech a few years ago and recognized each other in passing. Lauren went to Tech as well… and I guess I’m an honorary Tech member by marriage. We invited them to our Life Bible Study class (which will always be called Sunday School to me) and we’ve become close friends since.

Lauren & Chad celebrated their 3rd wedding anniversary this past week. Lauren stated “I want to wear my dress one more time!” and WHY NOT! Y’all looked amazing in your wedding attire. They found some backroads in Pearland and they exchanged gifts (3rd year is leather). I love Lauren’s collection of flowers through the years from Chad (1st – Paper, 2nd – Cotton, 3rd – Leather)… and Chad, I already told you this… but diamond is in there somewhere correct!? Lauren gifted a beautiful leather album full of prayers for Chad through this year… with more still to write. Amazing love for her Husband are in those pages.

We shot until the sun went down… but really, whenever we were done with all the sweating. Thank you for asking me along on such a fun session!

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Because yes… I’m that Mom. The one who is so very sentimental about everything. Everything.

Only time will tell if that will ever change (probably not). But I really wanted to capture Logan before and after his very first haircut. I mean, it only happens first ONE time!!!

I’ll miss his little piece of curl that went out to the side and never wanted to be tucked behind his ear. Where it was so very long on one side, and not the other. The fun bath time hair that was SO very long. His baby wispy hair. And now… he looks so very big and handsome.

…and that’s why we had a photo shoot… to remember.


Before & After

BeforeThis is one silly goob of a boy…After

I love you sweetness!

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Oh Logan – Double Digit Months? I’m not ready for this. This last month I’ve seen more of your personality than ever. I know it will keep changing and developing and while I’m excited for the change, I’m also terrified. I’m sad you’re growing… and I’m happy all at the same time. Being a Momma is confusing.

– You are everywhere now bud… and into everything you shouldn’t be. I know it’ll only change and develop as you get FASTER – but anytime you get something in your sight you want, there’s no stopping you. Playing “Monkey Bars” on the bar stools and Dog Bowls included :) You love to race ahead of us and have us chase you. I will never tired of the giggles when we catch you.
– You are STILL working on your two top teeth but I see them and they are SO close to pushing through. I know it hurts :(
– You are SUCH a good eater… you will try anything but you still have your favorites. Chicken and Turkey are new favs and you LOVE Spaghetti too. You share in my love of Italian :) and Daddy’s too. You also tried pickles and a lime haha – the lime was funny but you LOVED the pickle.
– You say Momma off and on – although not consistent. First official word – “Momma” said on 7/22. You say “dadadada” and you started “hissing” like a snake recently. You think it’s funny. You also clap and sometimes sign “more” against your mouth, but not consistently just yet.
– You went to the BEACH!!! You LOVED the beach and playing in the sand – even if you were confused why you couldn’t grab it and hold it.
– Momma turned 30 (eek!) and you helped Daddy throw a great surprise party ;)
Boxes and Lids are new favorite toys. I’ve also noticed that you are a detail man. Any “little” thing you concentrate on… like the Nike check on my shorts or a string hanging off a blanket. Future Photographer? Or Future Engineer? :)
– You’re pulling up a lot on things that are low… but still need assistance to help stand and pull up on higher things. But, you love to stand. And our new favorite thing – Dance parties…
– We pulled a lot of “band-aids” this week… Lowered your mattress in your crib, New Big Boy car seat, and new nursery class.
– It may be time to cut your hair – and I’m not ready to. Maybe yet another “band-aid” for mommy to pull.
– I’m already starting to think about your FIRST BIRTHDAY and – I’m not ready for that either.

Below is your… alright alright alright Mom! I’m DONE!!!!

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