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Bailey Girl!!! You’re 8 Months old and… I’m not sure how that happened.

– Still just the 2 teeth…
– With Brother, he didn’t eat finger foods til much later – but YOU my dear love to eat and love to feed yourself. You love puffs and Mum-Mums and I’m sure I will try some finger foods starting this week. You have so many favorite foods and eat pretty much anything. AND because of all that eating – we’re starting to space out our feedings more and more. Getting so big!
– You have started a new habit of waking up at 5/6 in the morning to eat… Mommy is tired of that ma’am.
– You are sitting up so so well now. Occasionally we will fall backwards or forwards, but you are very strong.
– You are VERY close to crawling on all 4s… you like to get up on all 4s and rock and your legs move. You’re a master at Downward Dog and do yoga poses like a crazy women… but those front arms do not know how to move yet.
– You said MOMMA! It’s mostly when you’re crying and complaining for me to pick you up – but I will come get you overtime. You know the trick now.
– You were a hit at Brother’s birthday, and well… you’re a hit always 😉
– ALWAYS smiling – you are a big flirt.

You are one precious light my girl… shine bright.

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– You are moving everywhere… scooting, army crawling… whatever you want to call it. If you see something you want you are after it – which also includes brother’s toys and he is not a fan.
– You’re also grabbing anything you can get your hands on… eating with you in my lap is a task.
– Teething BITES! I said it with your brother and I’ll say it again. It’s the worst. You have TWO teeth!!! (8/25 & 9/5)
– You are still sleeping through the night (except this week – those yucky teeth get in your way).
– You love food and open your mouth real big – tongue sticking out – for each bite.
– You Babble and squeal and yell a lot – not because you’re mad – but because you’re talking haha… You love when anyone pays you any kind of attention.
– You have not used your paci in over a month now… you are thumb girl and it is the sweetest thing ever.
– While still wobbly, you are sitting up by yourself now! You throw yourself back for me to be too comfortable to leave you alone. Soon, I feel like you’ll master it – we’ll be on to restaurant high chairs and shopping carts before I know it.
– You are the absolute sweetest girl I know and I love you forever and always!

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FALL MINIS – Sessions will be in the early evening light – I can open more in the morning depending on the interest.

CHRISTMAS MINIS – Sessions will be in the afternoon through sunset. I will have sessions starting from 1pm and ending by 5pm and can open more depending on the interest. For those worried about Christmas card turn around, I will have the Houston Minis done and edited within the week so you can be sure and order those and send them out in time for Christmas!

Email with your top 3 timeslots in 30 minute increments in the order you prefer (3, 3:30, and 4 for example) and I’ll fill in first come first serve best I can. Please include date/city with your time so I’ll know which session mini you’re wanting!

  • Ashley Castro - I would like to see if you have availability for the Elgin Christmas mini for 3:30, 4, or 4:30. Thank you

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*Email for info and timeslots*

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– You reach for your nightly bottle often and when you see any bottle, cup, or anything resembling a cup… you kinda freak out.
– You LOVE your thumb and your wubbanub has quickly turned into a lovie. But, if and when you need it you’re able to get your paci yourself.
– Your feet are still so little and shoes are JUST now fitting… cute little feet.
– Naps are pretty regular although this week you’ve been cranky and off your game.
– Your first REAL taste of food (8/6/16) was avocado… it took a couple days to love it. You’ve also had bananas (loved), sweet potato (hated), pears (LOVE!). We’ll see how you do with newer foods in the coming months. But, you love eating.
– Still no teeth just yet…
– You LOVE to be outside. We went to the River this past weekend and you loved splashing and you enjoy your time at the Lake too. Outdoor girl here.
– You smack your lips and make the funniest noises nowadays. You just talk and talk begging for me to pay attention to you.
– You have started scooting with your feet and you roll and roll and roll to get something you want. Brother used to do that too.

Speaking of brother… he loves loves loves his sister. These sibling pics were MEANT to be taken at the hospital… but brother had different plans and attitudes of his own at that time, and that’s ok. Here you both are 6 months and 2 months shy of 3 years old (!). I love you both so much!

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