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Ryan had the perfect plan to surprise Emily. She knew a proposal was coming soon (and even asked the night before and he said SOON!) – Little did she know how soon! Her ONE request for a proposal was that there be a photographer there to capture it.

Ryan contacted me a couple of weeks ago asking if I was available. He knew where he wanted to do it and the plan to go along with. He set up a brunch with friends which is something they do a lot – so not as to raise suspicion. Their friends were “running” late so Ryan suggested they go by that park (Bethel Church Park) “they’ve been wanting to check out”. Bravo sir – wasn’t sure how you were going to make the detour to get her to the park. But, you did… and I think it was MORE than worth it.

Congratulations you two – I know I’ve already said this Emily, but your smile was infectious. Just looking at these photos – JOY radiates from you! Congrats again and enjoy!

Her ring is absolutely gorgeous! They designed it together but she finally got to see the finished product. It’s AMAZING!

  • Irene Chu - So darned cute! Again, congratulations you guys!!

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Ok… finally. I gave one tiny sneak peek on Facebook but this wedding had too many greats to just show one.

Everything about this day was perfect. Perfect weather… perfect families & friends… and perfect couple. Their day went on so smoothly and they have to be one of my favorite Brides and Grooms to date (and that is saying a LOT!).

Nothing seemed to phase Alana or Jacob – they were in their own little world and they made sure to ENJOY their big day. And I believe they accomplished just that. From the wonderful ceremony, to some gorgeous couples photos… the first dance (-choreographed!) to the last… just scroll down to see how a real last dance should go :) This day was just amazing.

Y’all are both fantastic and I thank you for trusting me with such a special day!

Ceremony: Sts. Simon & Jude Catholic Parish | Reception: The Woodlands Resort | Florist: Kreations by Kellie | DJ: DJ Dave | Dress: Kleinfeld Bridal NYC |
Bridesmaids Dresses: Weddings By Debbie | Videographer: RethinkVideo | Hair & Makeup: Exquisite Reflections – Karley | Planner: SoireeBliss! Events – Allison

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It’s been almost a week 1/2 since our little guy turned ONE! BUT – I wanted to share his party and also the photos I took on his actual birthday.

For his birthday we chose the theme “Our Little Peanut is turning ONE”! We had peanut snacks and all kinds of elephant fun :) I’ll post links for vendors too! It was a lot of fun and I DIY’d a lot of the decorations.

And then, well, let’s just say for his official ONE pictures… we chased the rain back and forth from Katy to a park near our home (where I originally wanted to take photos)… wasted an hour… we had a mini meltdown and still did not like the cake… but I think they turned out great and there are even some that are quite humorous! So funny.

Here is the Logan “Bonanza” of turning ONE… photo overload – lo siento.

 Cupcakes: Sams
Cupcake Toppers: Sunshowerstuff – Etsy Shop
12-Month Banner: DIY
Fabric Bunting: DIY (EASY peasy!)


Elephant Cookies: Falon’s Cakes (Pflugerville, TX) ***PERFECTLY MATCHED THE INVITES***
Birthday Invitations: DIY
Birthday Plate
Coloring Sheets: DIY ;)

#1 Collage: Inspired by pinterest. Used poster board and taped various photos from FREE shutterfly photos I had stored up. Happy Birthday Logan Banner: Letters from his monthly photos (Loved that I could reuse these letters… I learned how to make additional ones that I needed on my own! Time consuming but easy! This is the video I used to learn) Chalkboard banner purchased online.TOOO many presents… someone was spoiled. And the guys had their Cowboys vs. Texans game on ;)HAPPY BIRTHDAY! CHEESE! Sweet Boy… he did not like the cake though.AND – he’s ONE!Party Hat: My Fabulous Friend Dana made!!!It’s your party – you can cry if you want to.

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12 Months. 1 Year. 365 days. You.

You and I woke up this morning in our usual way… but this morning I held you a little longer. We snuggled, and you let me (which does not always happen). I sang “Happy Birthday” to you in the quiet of your room and thought about this year. 10:42am on this very day last year was the scariest and most wonderful experience of my life thus far. All I could think about was seeing you. I was scared for you and so relieved when you were ok.

We may have had a big party yesterday… and we may have opened up a bunch of gifts for you. But, God has granted us the greatest gift of all, You. You have brought more joy than we could have ever known. Our cups are full. I can’t believe you are ONE. We give God thanks and we hope you come to know Jesus and love Him with all your heart.

We love you Bubba.

– Today’s pictures are the HARDEST yet… As Dada said “Laying down is for babies Mom, I’m 1 Duh!” and I think that’s exactly how you feel. You are moving and doing. And while I don’t think we’ll be implementing the letters in your photos – or doing the normal “monthly photos” – I hope I can take a photo each month to see how you’ve grown. Down below… you will see how the year went…
– You are still cruising like a mad man, no walking yet and I think I’m ok with that. The less mobile you are – the better… for now ;) We will occasionally see you stand solo for a split second. I’m thinking you’ll walk at 14 months + … we shall see.
– We had a big tummy bug this month, and that was not so much fun. Hate when you’re sick.
– We found out you LOVE music and you’ve actually started dancing a little. SO cute! You absolutely love the tambourine and maraca at “school” so we just had to get you a music set for at home… and as of yesterday’s party – you have drums!
– You got to have a special tour at NASA! So exciting… and Pops was most excited of all. We did lose Kermit 1 while there… I said he went to the Moon. BUT our Friend Faith found him!!!! He has since been replaced and Kermit 1 has gone into retirement. And… soon enough you’ll use your BIG Kermit (lovie) that you got from your party… hopefully he’ll be replacing your paci Kermit. Or at least that’s the plan. We shall see :)
– We’ve been trying to sleep train again to get you to sleep through the mornings. It’s been (somewhat) successful, but now you like waking up at 6:30a… Momma would prefer just a little more sleep – even just 7am. Let’s see what we can do ;)
– You got your second haircut for your birthday… your hair grows like crazy. You look like such a little boy now… my heart aches.
– You have been loving Mother’s Day Out – and so has Momma. It gives me a chance to get things done and you get to make friends and PLAY!
– You still only say “Momma” and “Dada”… and you can clap of course… but now you can give high 5’s!!!
– As for your birthday party… you did SO well. We did get a bit overwhelmed at the end of presents and the cake wasn’t necessarily amazing to you either. I think you hated being dirty and kept trying to get the icing off your hands. BUT we had an amazing time with friends and family. It’s your party, you can cry if you want to. You crashed after cake… tired boy. But, I wouldn’t have changed anything :)
– We’re going to take some more birthday photos today – I hope you cooperate ;)



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