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Oh Logan – Double Digit Months? I’m not ready for this. This last month I’ve seen more of your personality than ever. I know it will keep changing and developing and while I’m excited for the change, I’m also terrified. I’m sad you’re growing… and I’m happy all at the same time. Being a Momma is confusing.

– You are everywhere now bud… and into everything you shouldn’t be. I know it’ll only change and develop as you get FASTER – but anytime you get something in your sight you want, there’s no stopping you. Playing “Monkey Bars” on the bar stools and Dog Bowls included :) You love to race ahead of us and have us chase you. I will never tired of the giggles when we catch you.
– You are STILL working on your two top teeth but I see them and they are SO close to pushing through. I know it hurts :(
– You are SUCH a good eater… you will try anything but you still have your favorites. Chicken and Turkey are new favs and you LOVE Spaghetti too. You share in my love of Italian :) and Daddy’s too. You also tried pickles and a lime haha – the lime was funny but you LOVED the pickle.
– You say Momma off and on – although not consistent. First official word – “Momma” said on 7/22. You say “dadadada” and you started “hissing” like a snake recently. You think it’s funny. You also clap and sometimes sign “more” against your mouth, but not consistently just yet.
– You went to the BEACH!!! You LOVED the beach and playing in the sand – even if you were confused why you couldn’t grab it and hold it.
– Momma turned 30 (eek!) and you helped Daddy throw a great surprise party ;)
Boxes and Lids are new favorite toys. I’ve also noticed that you are a detail man. Any “little” thing you concentrate on… like the Nike check on my shorts or a string hanging off a blanket. Future Photographer? Or Future Engineer? :)
– You’re pulling up a lot on things that are low… but still need assistance to help stand and pull up on higher things. But, you love to stand. And our new favorite thing – Dance parties…
– We pulled a lot of “band-aids” this week… Lowered your mattress in your crib, New Big Boy car seat, and new nursery class.
– It may be time to cut your hair – and I’m not ready to. Maybe yet another “band-aid” for mommy to pull.
– I’m already starting to think about your FIRST BIRTHDAY and – I’m not ready for that either.

Below is your… alright alright alright Mom! I’m DONE!!!!

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Oh Bennett – you came into this world faster than I think Mom and Dad were ready for you too – because you weren’t waiting any longer to meet your wonderful parents. I don’t think they mind now one bit… and who could blame you :)

Even though you wanted to stay awake for most of the time – (I don’t blame you for that either – who would want to miss out on anything!) – we managed to get some smiles and sweet closed eyes.

You are a very lucky little boy Mr. Bennett and Logan can’t wait to play!

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– You are now CRAWLING (6/27) – This is BRAND new to you and it is so funny to watch. You aren’t an official crawler, but you kick your legs like a frog to propel yourself forward off the ground and then you army crawl with your arms. You’re a funny little inch worm.
– Along with crawling… we have found a few “no-no’s” and you don’t quite understand why we won’t let you play with the puppy’s bones (we’re mean I know). You love to get our shoes, the puppy’s bones, and you always want to have the remote or phone. Uh oh. What is it with baby’s only wanting things they can’t have :)
– You are working on your two top teeth and have been having a few nightmares about it and I don’t like that one bit. I think they’ll come in soon! So crazy. You’ve been extra snuggly so I love that part about it.
– You are now very picky with baby food… meaning you ONLY want big boy food. Occasionally you’ll let me spoon feed you but you love to feed yourself and are a BIG eater. Just the other day you ate 1/2 a banana (!?), 2 pieces of deli sliced chicken meat, and 1/2 a slice of cheese – all… for LUNCH! Your favorites are puffs/cheerios, avocado, blueberries, peas, green beans, squash, chicken, and bananas are a BIG FAVORITE – you will pick out the bananas first over everything else on your plate. Daddy calls you a little monkey.
– Just within the last couple of weeks you’ve been saying “Momma” – now, whether you know what you’re saying or not… I think you know the outcome… I’ll come every time. It’s mostly when you’re sad or upset and it’s a long word… “Moooommma” or “Momomomommaa”. Melts my heart. (We beat Daddy!!!)
– You love to swim and splash and be outside and we LOVE to take you! You got to swing for the very first time this week! I can’t wait to take you to new places! Your smile and joy are infectious!
– Also, Daddy wants me to cut your hair… I’m not ready to.
– Another also… these Monthly photos are becoming challenging with you rolling and scooting everywhere… we may have to rethink the next month’s photos :/

Although you were technically in my belly much longer than 9 months ;) I can’t believe it’s almost time for you to be out of my tummy longer than you were in my tummy.

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This wedding brought me back to our hometown of Pflugerville… and, the place where we got married :) So, LOTS of memories held here.

This couple was so laid back and super easy going. Their day went off without a hitch. That’s saying something too. I always tell Brides & Grooms not to worry when things don’t go according to plan, because at the end of the day, you are marrying the one you love… and that’s all that matters. Things happen and through you off your “schedule”. It happens. And, it happens at almost every wedding.

But, everything for Jana & Myles went perfectly.

Ceremony: First Baptist Church Pflugerville | Reception: Lions Club | Caterer: Smokey Mo’s BBQ | Cake: Friend | Florist: Friend | Dress: David’s Bridal |
Hair: Cynthia J. Hair Design | Makeup: JaNett Jones

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My (way-back) friend Jana got married this weekend! I’m so excited for you and Myles!

Thanks so much for including me in your special day!

Now, go enjoy that Cruise… your wedding sneak peek will be up before you know it :)

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