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I met up with Kelli & Tyler over Christmas weekend and I’m SO glad it finally was able to work out! We had scheduled our session prior to Thanksgiving but threats of rain had us post-pone. This weekend had rain as well but we weren’t going to let that get in our way – I think dreary days can be beautiful anyways.

Thanks so much for coordinating all of your travels and your weekend to spend a little time in front of the camera. Your May wedding will be here before we know it! It’s about to be 2015 Kelli! Enjoy your sneak peek and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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Merry Christmas! We wish you a wonderful Christmas with family and friends and those closest to you.

2014 once again flew by – bring on 2015! :)

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Marissa & Donovan are some of the sweetest people I know. It’s almost come full circle with these two as my clients. From Engagement photos and Bridals… to now Maternity photos! I love that my clients trust me to come back for their most precious photos.

We had this shoot set up a couple weekends ago. The VERY weekend I got a stomach bug. I knew that I wasn’t going to be able to make it and I definitely did not want to get sweet Marissa sick being 9 months pregnant! Thankfully they 100% trust in my plan and THANKFULLY my wonderful sister-in-law of Janeane Marie Photography was able to fill in and did a wonderful job.

I’m so thankful you guys trusted me in using Janeane as my fill-in. They turned out wonderfully and I can wait for you to meet your precious Harper THIS week! SO fun. Congratulations you guys.

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I know I haven’t been continuing with the traditional “Monthly” photos – it was time to retire the letters at his one year mark. That’s what I had planned anyways… but, I don’t want to stop capturing him. The other day was just a mundane normal day and Logan was playing and I thought it was the perfect time to capture him and who he is right now. He’s changing daily. Just today he started “play” eating off of a plate he found in “his” cabinet. AND just today – he was climbing between the rungs of a ladder laying on the ground. I was just amazed.

This little “photo shoot” captured Logan as the busy body he is. Playing in his cabinet… crawling to the front (and back) window… playing with the dogs… and even coloring a turkey from “school” to show what we’re thankful for.

This is our REAL life – messy house and laundry on the couch and all… No crayons were eaten in the making of this Turkey either…

This is to celebrate Logan at 13.8879 Months old. I’m Thankful for ALL of this Bubba. Messy house and playtime with YOU. I’m Thankful that Daddy works hard so I can do these things… and I’m just thankful for you and Daddy both in general. We have lots to be thankful for.


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So… remember Miranda & Brian? Yea… the Miranda & Brian that was just featured on 7 Centerpieces… and the Miranda & Brian that had the most amazing wedding about a year 1/2 ago… Yea… that one. They contacted me to put together a family session for their whole family. And, in the past year 1/2 – it’s grown! There’s now not only 2 beautiful girls that are a part of this family… but 3! We even had the Aunts & Uncles join in for the fun.

Miranda & Brian – your family is too special. Thank you all again for trusting me… not only with your wedding but now, your family!

FAV & FAV!I asked for a kiss – and got 2.

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