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You might’ve seen my post on twitter last night.

But, this is what a night before a Wedding looks like…

haha! (shhh don’t tell Derik)

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No… not this Office Space

THIS Office Space…

YAY! I now have my very own space – and I LOVE IT! Before I had my own office, Derik and I shared an Office Space – and while I love him… I did not love the football and the gaming that was going on. I mean, I love me some football… But Derik is in 3 (THREE) Fantasy Football leagues – enough said.

We decided to move things around and decorate… there may or may not have been problems moving the desk – there was – and there may or may not have been any broken toes in the process – there was… but it’s finally finished!

I can finally have a photo of my HUSBAND and I – ON MY DESK – not piled under everything that became “Brittney’s Desk” – it’s really where everything got put!

There are tons of things in here that are new. I’ll definitely be blogging about each one individually… but for now… I just wanted to show you MY SPACE!

Hey there Tob!

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“The best camera is the One That’s with You. Images aren’t about dynamic ranges and megapixels. They’re about stories and moments.”

~ Chase Jarvis

So, I thought I’d start a little something that I can do weekly… I love this quote and it has always reminded me to be in the moment. I may or may not always DO that – remember the stories and the moments – but I want to TRY and remember. I have SO many photos on my iPhone – in fact – right now I have well over 1100+ yikes! I just recently was able to get them on my computer and back them up. I honestly would be devastated if I lost all my photos on my iPhone. Seriously… there are a lot of memories there.

I really hope to keep this up because really… “The best camera is the One That’s with You…”

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Feel free to download any and all images for your keeping. Our trip was amazing and I loved it!

*click the link above, inside the Destin gallery – hover over the image and click the folder icon to download – email me if you have ANY questions!*

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One of our last full days in Destin. Sad face! I did not want it to end… this would be considered “Brittney’s Day”. Derik had his day too! This day, all I wanted to do was go to the beach and take lots of pics. And, that’s what we did.

I wanted some photos of us and I’m so glad a couple stopped and asked us if we wanted any! It was so relaxing and so fun. We are definitely taking a trip there again soon!



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She even managed to get the Sailboat – a girl after my own heart!

My husband is a pro!

He did amazing!

My new fav!

To Download these for your desktop – come back for tomorrow’s post!!!

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