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Feel free to download any and all images for your keeping. Our trip was amazing and I loved it!

*click the link above, inside the Destin gallery – hover over the image and click the folder icon to download – email me if you have ANY questions!*

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One of our last full days in Destin. Sad face! I did not want it to end… this would be considered “Brittney’s Day”. Derik had his day too! This day, all I wanted to do was go to the beach and take lots of pics. And, that’s what we did.

I wanted some photos of us and I’m so glad a couple stopped and asked us if we wanted any! It was so relaxing and so fun. We are definitely taking a trip there again soon!



**To Download these for your desktop – come back for tomorrow’s post!!!**


She even managed to get the Sailboat – a girl after my own heart!

My husband is a pro!

He did amazing!

My new fav!

To Download these for your desktop – come back for tomorrow’s post!!!

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The next day, was Derik’s day! We went golfing and he had me come along for the ride and take photos. That night the sunset was gorgeous and I LOVED it – us Texans need some beaches like this!!

Part II

FAVORITE RESTAURANT EVER! Mahi Parmesan and Key Lime Pie is to die for and the views are amazing.

my new friend


To see more of Destin: PART I & PART III

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Besides our Honeymoon, this trip has been one of our favorites ever! I did NOT want to leave – I mean, when do you ever want to leave a vacation…?? It was SOO relaxing and just what we needed.

I had so many favorites from our trip that I’m breaking them up into 3 parts. Hope you enjoy!

*I’ll have a download link on one of my posts this week if you want to download any for your desktop – feel free… I already have!




To see more of Destin: PART II & PART III

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I’m currently out of town on a MUCH-needed vacation. Derik and I are so excited to be going to Destin, FL  - we’ve never been!  Oh, and say a little prayer for us that we don’t get swept out to sea by the Tropical Storm that’s brewing in the Gulf currently. We don’t want it to rain the whole time we’re there, but we DEFINITELY don’t want it to be too bad. A little rain won’t matter, we definitely want to stay safe too!

Hope you all have a great week… hoping to view many of these while we are there… le sigh.

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