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Logan: 4 Months

Oh Logan… or as I lovingly refer to you as… Goobs, Goober, Bubba, Bubbas, Bubba Boy, Baby Boy, “Mr. Logan” – you have lots of names ;)

How are you already 4 months old!?? This has been a big month and such a fun one :) LOTS of changes!

- You are still talking away – daddy thinks you’ll be a talker… and a SINGER. When momma or daddy sing, you smile and “coo” along. You also have a new laugh “scream” – you squeal and get so excited and I love it!
- You now clasp your hands like you’re praying… you also grab on really well and we can pull you to sitting very easily. Your head and back stay straight and you think it’s the funniest thing – I call this “Baby Elevator”. You sit well in your Bumbo too!
- You ROLLED OVER!!! Tummy to Back - and momma screamed like a crazy person. January 30th ;) It hasn’t happened since, but we’re working on it!
- You are wearing some 3 months still, and some 6 MONTHS! Crazy growing boy!
- You’ve been better at napping and for that I am thankful. I’m also thankful for batteries… who knew they would come in so handy for that swing you love so much :) Still not really napping in your room – we should work on that huh?
- BIGGEST news of all, along with you rolling over, YOU ARE TEETHING! So exciting, yet so exhausting huh? Teeth hurt Baby Boy! Both you and Momma! We’ve had a few rough nights/weeks. And, Slobber, oh the Slobber… I’ll take it though. It’s sweet slobber right?
- Teething toys aren’t your favorite right now, you’d much rather chew on my finger or your fist. BUT you have loved playing with “rings” and have learned to shake them like a rattle… and put them in your mouth ;)
- You’re getting to be a pro at eating… your chubby belly and legs don’t lie.
- You definitely know who momma and daddy are apart from other people.
- Peekabo and “BOO” are your favorite games to play. Along with that you love “Wherrrrreee’s Logan” too. Most times we do this while we’re getting changed.
- We’ve started reading more and more and your current favorite books are “The Very Busy Spider” – your FAVORITE line… “The spider didn’t answer. She was very busy spinning her web”…  I think you love it cause it keeps repeating throughout the book… and also a custom book momma got for you called “Logan, I Love You So…“.

sweet sweet boy…

could barely get any smiles out of you cause your hands were in the way ;) and you are also Mr. Chatterbox this morning…

tell me about it Logan, tell me about it…

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Mason: Senior

I met up with Mason and his mom on the day after what was deemed the “2014 Snowpocalypse” (and here were are “Snowpocalypse 2.0″)… let’s just say, I started that Saturday with a Senior Session in the morning at 27°, and ended the day with a Bridal Session that evening at 68°… only in Texas right ;)

I’ve seen Mason grow up through our church back in Pflugerville and I can’t believe he’s already graduating! I know his mom can’t either!

Thanks for braving the colder weather with me Mason! And, a Texas Tech student? Derik is so proud!

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2013 Winner!

With almost 40% of the votes (umm amazing you guys!!) Lauren & Russell are the winners!!! I’ll be contacting you shortly!

Lauren & Russell – Married

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2013 Yearly Favs

That’s right folks. Seriously where did the year go?

I’m a little late in posting these – it is 2014 you know – but this last year was filled with so many wonderful things that have taken up some of my attention ;)

Same as last year, and the year before… Below are some of my FAVS from each of your sessions. So, if you were engaged, a bride, and married all in the same year – you get 3 entries basically. Every session has an image.

Get your FRIENDS AND FAMILY TO VOTE!!! The image/session with the most votes will get a $15 iTunes card or Starbucks card (their choice). The contest starts today and lasts through next week – it will end on Wednesday January 15th.

I will determine the winner that day by noon with the most votes. The winner will be contacted and they can choose their prize!!! Make sure you share on Facebook as well!! NOW – go get those votes!!! This should be fun :)

2013 was an AMAZING year!


1. Brittany & Brendan

2. Weston

3. Heather

4. Jill & Brandon

5. Holley & Matt

6. Dana

7. Heather & Clay – Married

8. Lauren

9. Jasmine & Rich

10. Jill & Brandon – Married

11. Lauren & Russell – Married

12. Dana & Scott – Married

13. Amanda & Brent

14. Alison & Matt

15. Miranda & Brian – Married

16. Holley & Matt – Married

17. Amanda & Brent – Married

18. Tiffany & Jason

19. Emery

20. Danielle & Joe

21. Tara & Jeremy

22. Jen & Ben

23. Sullie

24. Olivia

25. Whitney & Shaun

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Dona - I’m Voting For Weston!!

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Logan: 3 Months

I’ve absolutely loved this past month with you little man.

You are already showing a little personality and it’s been so fun to see you change SO much this last month…

- You’ve been laughing and talking all to yourself now… love that little voice of yours :) You also started clicking your tongue.
- You haven’t rolled over from tummy to back yet! AND… you may even roll over back to tummy first… I don’t know, but you’re like halfway there so I don’t know which you’ll do first. You don’t really enjoy tummy time right now but we are trying!
- You seemed to be in Newborn sized clothes forever (which was OK with me!) BUT you FLEWWW through 0-3 months and just even over Christmas week, things that fit the first part of the week were too small the last part! Maybe it was all that yummy food? We are officially in 3 months clothes and even some of those are already too small… you are one GROWING (handsome) boy!
- We have been experimenting with naps in your crib and it has NOT been going well… the swing and your new sound machine are doing the trick and you are having naps longer than 1 hour now! YAY!
- You are able to sometimes calm yourself down to nap all by yourself without my help… especially with “kermit” :) We should still work on naps in your room though ok? ;)
- Even though you are napping well in your swing, I still LOVE when you fall asleep in my arms… best time ever. I cherish those moments baby boy.
- We are giving you one bottle at night and otherwise you are feeding like a champ! We’re now lasting 3 hours (sometimes more!) and that makes momma so so happy :)
- You are definitely tracking us too… you’ll follow me across the room and even look at Lany & Toby playing. You definitely know Momma and Daddy’s faces and voices.
- You are one ticklish boy… under your chin, your ribs and even your little feet – you could laugh forever if we kept at it :)
- You have started to entertain yourself – especially with your play gym and your new toy from Mommy and Daddy :) And we are starting to grasp at things, slowly but surely.

You also had your FIRST CHRISTMAS!!

Christmas was the longest and best week ever… Long because we were just all over to see family. Best, because I just love the holidays with you… next year will be even more fun I know it! Me and Daddy were so excited to celebrate Christmas with you! You were SO spoiled and got a ton from the whole family.

You especially love your piano – little piano man :)

How are you already this old? I was just thinking of ALL the major milestones you’ll be having this year and I’m so excited to see you grow – but at the same time it is so bittersweet… where has the time gone?

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