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Bailey: 12 Months

12 Months. 1 Year. 366 days! It WAS a Leap Year last year… Logan and I came into your room and sang “HappyView full post »

Bailey: 11 Months

– Busy Bee. That’s all I can say. It fits your name “Bailey Bug” well as you are buzzing everywhere.View full post »

Bailey: 10 Months

Double Digit Months? How can this be. Seriously ma’am. You just got here it seems. – You are everywhere –View full post »

Bailey: 9 Months

– You have been army crawling for quite some time now, since about 6.5 months… BUT, NOW you are crawlingView full post »

Bailey: 8 Months

Bailey Girl!!! You’re 8 Months old and… I’m not sure how that happened. – Still just the 2View full post »

Bailey: 7 Months

– You are moving everywhere… scooting, army crawling… whatever you want to call it. If you see somethingView full post »

Bailey: 6 Months

– You reach for your nightly bottle often and when you see any bottle, cup, or anything resembling a cup… youView full post »

Bailey: 5 Months

I don’t understand. Whatsoever. How is it that in 1 month you will have been here for half a year!? It’sView full post »

Bailey: 4 Months

– You are still talking away – you love to laugh. Peek-a-boo is a new favorite! – You’re of course still wobblyView full post »

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