Bailey: 11 Months

– Busy Bee. That’s all I can say. It fits your name “Bailey Bug” well as you are buzzing everywhere. You do not want to be held. Are constantly moving a going and cruising. It’s somewhat exhausting, ma’am.
– You have taken a few “pivot” steps from one thing to another (like one couch to another that are seated next to each other). Not solid steps… more like let me fall into this step. But goodness… I’m not ready for that.
– From the couch, you have let go and… STOOD for a split second before sitting down. You have gotten much gentler about sitting down than the plop you have been doing.
– These photos were super hard as you were rolling around and wanting to go and see and explore everything
– You mimic sounds and have started a few more sounds. BaBaBaBa is your favorite… And also love to “pop” your lips. You also drop things… you know, just because you can. And I’ll tell you “Uh oh” and sometimes you’ll copy!
– You love to play peek a boo and have even let out a “Pe-Boo!” Which is just adorable. I wished I could catch it on video!
– You have 4 teeth now… 2 top 2 have come in with 2 more on the way. I say you’ll have 6 by the time you’re one.
– AND BY THE WAY – YOU’RE NOT ALLOWED TO BE ONE!!!! It’s not possible.
– You try to get into everything you’re not supposed to. Which, to brother’s dismay, are his Paw Patrol toys. Big brother still doesn’t know how to share. AND I THINK YOU KNOW it bothers him. Little stinker.
– Your hair is growing so so fast. It’s getting so long in the back. I wonder if it’ll curl.

HOW are you already almost one?

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