Bailey: 10 Months

Double Digit Months? How can this be. Seriously ma’am. You just got here it seems.

– You are everywhere – and it makes Momma tired. Which made these photos super hard… I don’t know what 11th and 12th month’s will look like. But, you’re still the best ever.
– You still have just the 2 teeth BUT you’re working on FOUR up top and this week you’ve kinda been a bear, a cute bear.
– You love love love Turkey, Chicken… any kind of meat really. You also ate and devoured tons of new “whole” foods this week… mangos, blueberries, peas, beans. You’ve been eating like a crazy lady and have a whole banana with yogurt almost every morning.
– Your voice is the best and most sweetest. I still love your quiet sneeze – which you’ve always had.
– You started waving over this last month and even throwing in a few “hiiiiii”s along with. Watch out patrons at the grocery store because she will wave at you the whole shopping trip. Sweet girl. You LOVE to people watch and I can tell you just love people in general.
– Another fun thing is you LOVE to dance… any song that comes on, even a commercial, and you start bobbing your head side to side. So much so that you almost fall over at times. Precious dancing girl.
– You pull up to your knees so so often and every now and then to your feet… your favorite place to pull up to your feet is on the outside of the bathtub while we’re waiting for it to fill up. That does not do a momma’s heart very good Miss Bailey.
– Since you’re pulling up, Momma moved the crib down last month. And it made you seem all the more big.
– You had your first Thanksgiving and are just a little over a week away from your first Christmas! I love Holidays with you.

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