Bailey: 9 Months

– You have been army crawling for quite some time now, since about 6.5 months… BUT, NOW you are crawling crawling… on all fours. And, you are fast. AND even (gasp) PULLING UP! No no no. NO MA’AM. Not allowed.
– You are a lover of people. Smiles for everyone and hardly ever upset except when you’re really tired. You still love your thumb for comfort and have taken a liking to the bunny wubbanub to cuddle with.
– Speaking of LOVER of people… you now WAVE at everyone.
– You absolutely love to dance and you bob your head side to side when I sing or when any song comes on and you’re in the mood to dance. You also do a little jig at times. So cute.
– You love puffs and mum-mums and just this week had chicken and turkey and grunted for more and more and more. Bananas are a fav and you love cereal bars as well. We’re starting to give more table foods and we’ll just have to see what all you like!
– Although you were technically in my belly much longer than 9 months 😉 (in 4 days I guess it’ll be officially official) – I can’t believe it’s almost time for you to be out of my tummy longer than you were in my tummy.
– Also, These Monthly photos are becoming challenging with you crawling everywhere… especially after brother.

Speaking of brother… he helped me today with your monthly letters… I called them out and he lined them up. Only backwards. Soooo, from Logan… Happy 9 “Shtnom” Bailey!!!

Thanks for your “help” Logan 😉

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