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Bailey: 7 Months

– You are moving everywhere… scooting, army crawling… whatever you want to call it. If you see something you want you are after it – which also includes brother’s toys and he is not a fan.
– You’re also grabbing anything you can get your hands on… eating with you in my lap is a task.
– Teething BITES! I said it with your brother and I’ll say it again. It’s the worst. You have TWO teeth!!! (8/25 & 9/5)
– You are still sleeping through the night (except this week – those yucky teeth get in your way).
– You love food and open your mouth real big – tongue sticking out – for each bite.
– You Babble and squeal and yell a lot – not because you’re mad – but because you’re talking haha… You love when anyone pays you any kind of attention.
– You have not used your paci in over a month now… you are thumb girl and it is the sweetest thing ever.
– While still wobbly, you are sitting up by yourself now! You throw yourself back for me to be too comfortable to leave you alone. Soon, I feel like you’ll master it – we’ll be on to restaurant high chairs and shopping carts before I know it.
– You are the absolute sweetest girl I know and I love you forever and always!

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