Bailey: 6 Months

– You reach for your nightly bottle often and when you see any bottle, cup, or anything resembling a cup… you kinda freak out.
– You LOVE your thumb and your wubbanub has quickly turned into a lovie. But, if and when you need it you’re able to get your paci yourself.
– Your feet are still so little and shoes are JUST now fitting… cute little feet.
– Naps are pretty regular although this week you’ve been cranky and off your game.
– Your first REAL taste of food (8/6/16) was avocado… it took a couple days to love it. You’ve also had bananas (loved), sweet potato (hated), pears (LOVE!). We’ll see how you do with newer foods in the coming months. But, you love eating.
– Still no teeth just yet…
– You LOVE to be outside. We went to the River this past weekend and you loved splashing and you enjoy your time at the Lake too. Outdoor girl here.
– You smack your lips and make the funniest noises nowadays. You just talk and talk begging for me to pay attention to you.
– You have started scooting with your feet and you roll and roll and roll to get something you want. Brother used to do that too.

Speaking of brother… he loves loves loves his sister. These sibling pics were MEANT to be taken at the hospital… but brother had different plans and attitudes of his own at that time, and that’s ok. Here you both are 6 months and 2 months shy of 3 years old (!). I love you both so much!

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