Logan: A Normal Day… and being Thankful

I know I haven’t been continuing with the traditional “Monthly” photos – it was time to retire the letters at his one year mark. That’s what I had planned anyways… but, I don’t want to stop capturing him. The other day was just a mundane normal day and Logan was playing and I thought it was the perfect time to capture him and who he is right now. He’s changing daily. Just today he started “play” eating off of a plate he found in “his” cabinet. AND just today – he was climbing between the rungs of a ladder laying on the ground. I was just amazed.

This little “photo shoot” captured Logan as the busy body he is. Playing in his cabinet… crawling to the front (and back) window… playing with the dogs… and even coloring a turkey from “school” to show what we’re thankful for.

This is our REAL life – messy house and laundry on the couch and all… No crayons were eaten in the making of this Turkey either…

This is to celebrate Logan at 13.8879 Months old. I’m Thankful for ALL of this Bubba. Messy house and playtime with YOU. I’m Thankful that Daddy works hard so I can do these things… and I’m just thankful for you and Daddy both in general. We have lots to be thankful for.


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