Logan: 11 Months

Im in denial. 11 months… ELEVEN… 1 month til 12 months… aka – ONE YEAR OLD!

Nope. Not possible. I’m not ready. But, it’s going to come. You growing up is inevitable.

– You are CRAZY busy now… you have your days (many sometimes) where you just need me… and I’m trying to embrace that. Today has been one of those days. So, I just stopped to realize just how “not little” you are anymore. You’re growing and moving and THINKING 🙂 I’ll hold you a little longer.
– Speaking of Crazy – you are pulling up with EASE and cruising like a champ. I don’t know if you’ll walk within this next month before your birthday, but you want to. You do not want to sit still. Hence some of these photos.
– You’ve never really been a “copy-cat” with us but you have started a little here and there. Fun things are “popping” your lips and laughing when we laugh. You also have learned, whether by accident or not (mostly by accident… I think?), that your paci doesn’t always stay in the crib… Does it fall or do you make it drop? This means you get Daddy or I to come get it for you! We need a solution.
– I think you’re working on more teeth? Momma can’t always tell.
– You helped celebrate Daddy’s birthday at Top Golf and you were worn out… me and you had to make an early exit 😉
– You went to your FIRST Baseball game and still LOVE being outside.
– You sometimes fall asleep sitting up…
– You now know what “NO” means… especially playing with Toby and Lany’s bones (yes – still)… I’ll say “NO Sir” and you throw the bone and crawl to me laughing… you know little boy… you know.
– “Band-Aid” for this month – MOMMA CUT YOUR HAIR! You did so great (and so did Mom) and your little haircut was so cute. I’m pretty sure it’ll be time for another one soon – your hair grows like crazy.
– You also started Mother’s Day Out. Momma is in a Bible Study on Tuesdays while you play with friends… but your real big day is Thursday where you play with friends almost the whole day! So far it’s been an ok start… you’re a sweet boy in class… but I think you miss me 🙁

HOW are you already almost one?

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