Logan: 8 Months

– You are still pivoting and spinning all over the floor and will end up across the room in no time. No signs of crawling yet, but I say slow down! I don’t know if I’m ready for that yet!
– We found a few new “games” to make you laugh. Anytime we whisper in your ear you think it’s so funny… maybe it tickles? And you also love to hang upside down. Also, when Daddy jumps over you, you think it’s hilarious. And of course, Toby and Lany are still funny puppies.
TEETH!!! Two of them… (although technically 1-1/2… your right bottom tooth came through first on 5/27 and you left came through this week – 6/4)
– You have surprised me this week with your sleeping… although still not consistent… you wake up at 5 or so to feed and you have been sleeping until 9am!! Momma has SO appreciated the extra sleep and feels so much better!
– You’ve eaten lots of new things lately and your new favorite are Mum-Mum Banana crackers and Baby Chicken Casserole! This next week I have lots of new foods ready for you to try!
– There have been LOTS of firsts lately… We went swimming in the pool last week for the first time and you love to kick your legs in the water… and watch them in the process. You do NOT like getting your face in the water because you sucked water in by accident. Not fun I know 🙁  We’re going to try and play in our own pool in the backyard soon I think! We also just today got to ride the carousel and the train at the mall with friends! Of course teeth are brand new to us. You also play ball like a champ… the Major Leagues should be calling soon. You’ve been trying to feed yourself so I’m trying to think of new ways to help you learn that! And you now almost completely hold the bottle on your own. You went “golfing” with Daddy and helped me celebrate my very first official Mother’s Day. It was a busy month!

We love you so much and can’t believe one year is just a few short months away! How did that happen!?

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