Logan: 7 Months

Right now I have a sleeping boy, wrapped in his Moby wrap, laying on my chest as I type this… we’ve been fighting naps all day and this is the first time you’ve been asleep. Well, besides the car, where you proceeded to have a blow out with NO diaper bag to be found! What was I thinking? Also, to top off the day… you have pink eye… which Momma feels so bad about. Being 7 Months old is hard work.

BUT I’d take you falling asleep on my chest ANY day over laundry and housework 🙂

SO MUCH excitement in these TOES!

– Tummy time is turning to “crawling” time – and although not official yet (go as slow as you want!) … you are pivoting and spinning all over the floor. You’ll push with your legs to reach a toy just out of your reach though. Craziness. You’re also grabbing anything you can get your hands on… sitting in Momma’s lap at her desk, or at the dinner table, is no longer an easy task.
– You are the most “tickle-iest” (Is that a word? I just made it up just now) boy I know! Your laugh and smile are growing more and more and it is contagious.
– Teething BITES! I can see the top of your teeth – but no teeth poking through just yet!
– You are still sleeping through the night (unless those yucky teeth get in your way). You’re waking up between 4:30a-5:30a now to eat and I’m wondering when that habit will break. I know I’m going to miss it, but Momma is tired too! Either way, I’m fine if you take your time 😉 You still go right back to sleep until 7/7:30a.
– Food has been SO fun – you started out with Avocado and Sweet Potato last month. Banana is still not a favorite. BUT you LOVE Green Beans, Peas, and still love Avocado and Sweet Potato. We gave you Peach/Banana the other day and at first you didn’t really dig it, but you ate it up after a few feedings. We just started Carrots this week too and you love them! YUMMY! You are turning into such a great eater and I’m so so glad! You share mine and Daddy’s love of food!
– Lately you have been TALKING up a storm, and even though I know they’re not words yet… you are starting to use your tongue against your lips/roof of your mouth more. Are you speaking in syllables little boy!? You sure are trying hard to tell me something sometimes! (say Momma first and let me beat Daddy! HA!)
– Toby and Lany are your best pals and you crack up any time they are “wrestling”… lots of videos of that!
– You are definitely an outside boy (YIPPY! Let’s stay that way!). You love our afternoon walks/cat naps… and anytime you’re upset, we just go sit on the back porch. Daddy said just the other day he sees a lot of cul-de-sac bike riding and us “sitting on the porch” days in our future. I’m TOTALLY fine with that.
– You had your VERY first boat ride this last weekend… At first you weren’t a fan of your life jacket, but Pops driving the boat fast put you right to sleep.
– You’ve totally gotten “Kermit” down and sleep with him at night. You just reach around for him in your bed when you’re upset and (most always) are able to make it to your mouth and you calm down. Although with teething… calming down isn’t as easy!
– You sat up by yourself this past month! You’re still somewhat wobbly… restaurant high chairs and shopping carts are still a little hard… but we ate at Chick-fil-a the other day and you were SO proud of yourself eating and sitting like a big boy. I’m so proud to watch you become one!

Forget laying down Mom… I’m ready to move…

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