Logan: 6 Months

Happy 1/2 Birthday Logan!

6 months… 1/2 a Year!? How have you already been with us this long? It’s all happening too fast Mr. Logan and it’s both so very exciting to see you progressing and your little mind growing, but at the same time Momma is sad that it’s flying by. (I HATE that you’re sick today, well – any day really)

– You “reached” for your bottle the other night for the first time (4/1/14)… you’ve been grasping and holding it while you’re eating but you were actually sitting up and reaching to get it out of my hands. You are a hungry boy and you are one smart little guy!
– The socks never stay on… I don’t like socks either Logan.
– You never stay on your back anymore, which has become a small problem in your crib. When you roll over you sometimes don’t like it and cry until we flip you over. BUT when you do calm down on your tummy, you sleep so so well! You especially love to sleep on your side (just like Momma!)
– Some of your 6 months clothes are already too small… what? BUT your feet are chunky and short still… cute.
– We LOVE to go to church and you do so so well in the Nursery and are quite the lady killer with the Teachers. They always are wanting to take you home 😉
– The Napping schedule is going SO much better. We still are taking SUPER short naps – 30-45mins… sometimes 4 a day, sometimes 3. We are learning. You are sleeping through the night until your first feeding (7-8pm until 5:30/6am for a feeding – sometimes until 7am) and then you go right back down until 7:30/8am. Momma thanks you SO much for learning how to sleep through the night.
– Your first REAL taste of food (3/29/14) was avocado… it took a couple days but you loved it by the third day. We have also tried Bananas and Sweet Potatoes… Bananas were definitely not a fave haha!
– Still no teeth just yet…
– You’ve started playing with Toby and Lany a little more and I don’t know if they appreciate the hair pulling… but I say go for it. Toby licks you too much anyways but you think it’s hilarious.
– You LOVE to be outside and take walks. You actually fell asleep in the stroller the other day and I just wheeled you inside to continue your nap. Probably longest nap you’d had in a while. I hope you are an adventurer someday… let’s always make sure and get out of the house!
– You love beat-boxing and dancing with daddy and lately all I have to do is give you a funny look to get a big belly laugh.
– “Kermit” is your friend and you are able to put your paci in yourself now most of the time.
– I feel like you’re going to crawl before I’m ready. One day I’m certain I’m going to look down and you’ll not be where I left you. Push-ups are your new favorite activity. You can sit up with the Boppy fairly easily now too. Not quite by yourself though.

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