Logan: 5 Months

WHAATTTT??? (spoken in a little yellow Minion voice)… how are we here already? Next month you will have been with us for half a year sir – that’s crazy.

– Still as talkative as ever… you’re also starting to say more syllables and trying to form sentences 🙂 Your little tongue is trying so hard to talk haha!
– You have started to “feel” things… whether it’s rubbing the arm of the chair, playing with mom’s shirt or playing with your hair… or daddy’s funny beard 🙂
– You roll back to tummy now – NO PROBLEM! How did that happen!? (March 2nd) , for a while there you kept your head down but now you pick it up every time you roll over – look out Logan! … we’re still working on consistency with tummy to back but you are a strong boy! Also, sitting up is way more fun then laying down…
– Totally in 6 month clothes… how did that happen…
– The last couple of weeks we’ve tried to get a napping schedule down… let’s just say we’re working on it – but you are napping in your crib/room (sort of) consistently…
– Drool Bomb… need I say more…
– You LOVE Sophie the Giraffe… nom nom nom… you also love your ring toys.
– You found your feet and love to pull off your socks… silly.
– You “reach” for things that are dangling above you… you go round and round on your play mat multiple times.
– You recognized Momma in a photo the other day – SO fun to see you know who I am. You love FaceTime with Daddy too…
– Itsy Bitsy Spider and White Noise (Rain) calm you down so quickly – I learned that on our first solo road trip without daddy a few weeks ago. Let’s just say it was a long trip 😉
– Bath time is getting more fun – and you LOVE to splash… can’t wait until Summer when we can play in the water!

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