Logan: 1 Month

WOW – 1 Whole Month!?

How is it even possible that it’s gone by so quickly.

You are already very attentive (when you are content 😉 ) but I can see a few changes in you the last few weeks…


– You’ve been making faces and “kissing” back at Momma and Daddy lately… you also laugh in your sleep which I love!
– You are still in Newborn clothing and diapers – but that’s ok because I would just love it if you stayed little forever 😉
– You LOVE your room (which everyone else will get to see here on Friday) and you instantly calm down when we go in there… I don’t know if it’s cause you know you are about to get your diaper changed or what – because you HATE to be dirty 🙂
– I love our sweet times in the morning, that’s when you are in the best mood – you probably get that from daddy and not me (ha)
– You haven’t QUITE taken to your baths just yet, each time you get better and better but I know you will love the water soon enough. But you do LOVE the sound of water. You also LOVE staring at the light… any light, lamp or outside!
– The swing is your BEST friend (and mommy’s best friend too- ha!)
– I love this crazy hair of yours…
– You also love to snuggle up and take a long nap at night, right in my arms, just before we go to bed… and I love that time too!

We can’t wait to see what this next month holds! Don’t grow up too quick ok 🙂

Happy 1 Month Baby Boy!!

And yes… he has his own #babymelton onesie courtesy of Dana Kanetzky 🙂

*letters/numbers inspired by Libby Ann Photography… Made by Raptor Mama*

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