iPhone Dump: Pillows

My husband and I picked out some couches while he was still in college. These would be “our” couches once May 23, 2009 came around. And, rightly so, I went with him to pick them out. We can’t leave these decisions solely to the men ladies!!

The ONE thing I did NOT like about the ones we chose, were the pillows… Ladies, you know what I’m talking about. I didn’t love the pattern, I mean, they weren’t THAT bad… just not my taste. like. at all. So, ever since then, I’ve always wanted new ones.

Derik said “but they MATCH the couch.” ummm… babe, not everything has to “MATCH“… it can also “GO“. There is a difference. Well, It turned into – we’ll get them when we get married… to – we’ll get them when we get a house. Mmhmm – it’s been TWO years!

So, I told Derik, I’m getting pillows… and he said ok. Wow.

After I got home, I looked at them on the couches… and I was excited. NEW pillows. You know what he said next, oh so sarcastically lovingly

“I’m soooo glad we got new pillows…”

Yeah, me too babe. Me too.

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